Connecting Cultures

KinetBeth is an Ethiopian owned and operated company that focuses on highlighting the beauty and diversity of Ethiopian culture. Using dance and music as a platform, KinetBeth main focus is to promote Ethiopian heritage, history and culture to a wider audience.

The founder of KinetBeth is Betty Beke, who has been performing eskista, the name given to Ethiopian dance, since her formative years. Infused with a passion to make a difference with the next generation, Betty has worked with the youth through multiple platforms for over a decade.

KinetBeth is an outgrowth of this yearning to make a positive impact on the lives of the next generation and, in the process, remind the audience that music and dance are two factors that bring us all together. Through dance is found happiness and acceptance of those who are not like us. KinetBeth is dedicated to making a difference; one eskista, one musika, and one cultural show at a time.

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